Healing through Imagination and Creativity

A Group for Artists, Musicians, Writers, Performers and Healers

This is a therapy group open to all who seek to heal, grow and learn about themselves. The group will have three components. 1) Didactic, 2) Experiential Expressive Exercises, 3) Process Oriented Dynamic Group Interaction. In the didactic portion of the group, information regarding the role of imagination and creativity in psychological processes will be presented. During the experiential exercises, members will participate in psychophysical and expressive activities such as bioenergetics, active imagination, role playing, psychodrama, and various drawings and writings. The process oriented portion of the group will involve group discussion and interaction among members as they process their experience of the group.

The group will meet weekly for one and a half hour in the North Adams area. Day, time and location will be announced after the screening process is completed. The cost is $20.00 per group and a two month commitment is required.

The group facilitator, Daniel Gaynor, M.A., L.M.H.C. is licensed in Massachusetts as a Mental Health Counselor. He has twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist and group facilitator. He is also a musician and songwriter who for years has focused on the role of creativity and imagination in psychological healing and growth. He practices in Boston and North Adams.

For more information or to arrange a screening interview, email Daniel at: daniel@selfandotherpsychotherapy.org or call: (413) 652-0095. Screenings wil be in August 2011. Group will begin in late August or early September 2011. Please visit our web-site at: http://www.selfandotherpsychotherapy.org and see how to get a free initial consultation.