Clinical Services


Holistic Counseling

Holism is a perspective which views the physical, psychological and spiritual systems as a unitary whole. This "whole" functions effectively and with healthy vitality to the extent that these system are in balance. As with ecology, systemic imbalance leads to instability and increase vulnerability to disease and dysfunction. Understanding the relationship between these aspects of the whole person and seeking to restore a balance between them is the goal of this interpersonal process.

Individual Psychotherapy

In individual therapy, one is provided with private, individualized and compassionate fifty minute consultations with an experienced licensed psychotherapist. With a deliberate and caring attitude, your therapist will tend to the emotional concerns which brought you. Cultivating an Introspective/Empathic focus, aimed first at understanding and later removing emotional blocks and debilitating cognitions, the process moves toward restoring psychic development to its natural balance and trajectory. Short and long term treatment options are available. Collaborative treatment planning which stresses client inolvement and informed choice at each stage of the process is provided.

Family-Couples Therapy

Self & Other Psychotherapy Associates provides systems oriented, multi-modal family and couples therapy. Families like individuals are faced with developmental tasks which force the family as a whole to adapt.This can be a difficult and sometimes painful process. Family and couples therapy can help to identify tasks and build on current strengths; those needed to address these tasks. Improving communication, understanding the roles of family members and gaining parent guidance can be helpful. Specialzed child therapy, couples therapy and parent-child therapy are modalities which are commonly utilized.

Group Therapy

Self and Relationships, is a heterogenous on-going dynamic interactional group psychotherapy for men and women. A diverse group of individuals who meet weekly; they share their disapointments and proud achievements, hopes and fears and life experiences on a wide range of issues. Members provide mutual support, while using the group culture to experiment with interpersonal communication styles and emotional risk taking. While the group may symbolize family, peer and other social enties, it is foremost a laboratory where psychological, interpersonal and social/cultural experimentation takes place. In addition to verbal process, group work incorporates many other modalities, drawing on bioenergetics, psychodrama, gestalt, creative art therapy and symbolic ritual through dreams and transformational objects.