Self & Other Psychotherapy Associates

Individual, Group and Couples Therapy

Holistic Counseling - Introspective/Empathic Psychotherapy

Supervision, Consultation, Education

Professional, confidential, personal psychological services; a whole person approach to the psychological challenges of life.

Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Compulsive and Impulsive Behavior, Addictions, Psychosomatic Conditions, Family and Relationship Issues.

* Licensed Therapists
* Most Insurance Plans Accepted
* Self Pay Sliding Scale for Uninsured
* Collaborative Treatment Planning.
* Community Outreach Services

Please note this is not a secure website. There is nothing to purchase and no information is transmitted or exchanged. It's purpose is merely to provide information about my practice; to inform as much as possible those seeking a therapist about psychotherapy in general and my work in particular before making a choice about seeking such services. I am happy to hear from people via email or phone however, niether of these modes of communication are entirely secure so please use discretion. I can however, give complete assurance of privacy and confidentiality via all face to face consultations.
Daniel Gaynor

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