Metaphors of the Gift


Explorations in Self and Relationship Throughout the Life Cycle

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. Throughout life, we are challenged to love and to value our lives even in the face of painful loss and inevitable death. As children we may have experienced painful losses before we were able to tolerate them. Without sufficient help and understanding from our caregivers, we may have been unable to overcome our fear of exposing our vulnerabilities to the possibility of more hurt. Holding on to our fear, hurt and anger we try to stay safe from taking new risks. We begin to avoid developing new relationships and deepening our investment in current ones.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide support and guidance in re-establishing a connection with our innate capacity to take healthy risks. Utilizing specific techniques such as breathwork, bioenergetics and various expressive art therapies, this group will create a supportive environment where together we will take a step toward facing our fear of love and life and work toward healing the unresponded to hurts that block us.

Metaphors of the Gift, is a day long experiential group workshop which is held periodically throughtout the year. For information about the next workshop dates, email us, or return to this page for updates.