Self & Other Psychotherapy Associates


Mission Statement

Self & Other Psychotherapy Associates is a private, independent psychotherapy practice which provides affordable, caring and confidential psychotherapy and counseling services to anyone who seeks support and self awareness. Guided by a profound sense of social responsibility which stresses human values, we strive to offer support to those facing difficult issues in their lives. This includes sensitivity to racial and cultural differences, issues of gender and sexual orientation and issues related to family life.

Our approach to mental life and healing assumes that the central factors motivating psychic development are the conscious and/or unconscious striving for self definition, efficacy and esteem as well as interpersonal relatedness. This is observed through the lens of an experiential relationship: the basic psychotherapuetic dyad. As such, the focus of our approach is non-medical; it is humanistic/holistic, psychodynamic and relational and sees healing largely within the context of natural development and growth.
(Please see, Introspective/Empathic Psychotherapy)

Our bias is away from mechanistic approaches and quick fixes which however reassuring or culturally in fashion, usually fail to account for the wholeness of each person and their individual life process. We favor the idea of the central importance of self esteem and relationship in psychic develoment and tend to see optimal mental health as individual responsibility and freedom within the context of a relatively stable and empathic social community.